suggest “Literature Is One Of The Most Interesting And Significant Expressions Of Humanity.”
-P. T. Barnum

buy provigil over the counter I first saw this book with a darling friend Sharon Mitani. It was interesting for me to imagine reading about Geisha. Because I thought they were levitra canada prostitutes. Given they entertained men. However, I could not imagine reading a book that was not set in Africa or written by an African. Yes, I was going through that “I’m-only-reading-African-literature” phase. As fate had it, I stumbled upon the book in October last year. Just so you know, I sent a picture to Sharon and she was so pleased that I would finally experience the Japanese culture. copy ha ha

A brief recap of the book They say that a good book is not just read once. I agree. Because I have honestly struggled to stop reading ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ by Arthur Golden. It is a book that is delicately woven around the culture of the Geisha from Japan. It follows the story of a little girl with unusual eyes called Chiyo
Sakamoto . It starts from the point where she was a young naive girl who lived in a tiny village- Yoroido with her parents and big sister, in their tipsy house. Then ends with her being an experienced and premier Geisha by the name Sayuri Nitta.

Themes that I resonated with. tutor Beauty

Geisha generally rely on beauty to gain popularity among male clients who request for their company. It is true that a beautiful outward appearance does not equal a great personality or cultured behavior. For instance, Hatsumomo, one of the geisha was a very beautiful woman by the standards back then. Yet, she had a foul mouth and had fun bashing other women. She made little Chiyo’s life hell for the fun of it. When Chiyo becomes an apprentice geisha, Hatsumomo spreads rumors at every opportune moment.

Destiny versus self determination

When little girls are born, they have a predetermined path in life. They either become a geisha, maid or prostitute. The geisha is respected because she makes money that keeps an okiya running. The maids attend to a geisha’s every need and treat her with utmost respect. Geisha generally experience luxurious living. Because they get to dress in beautiful kimono, attend parties and get expensive gifts from men they entertain. On the other hand, prostitutes are considered the scum. They are easily identifiable from how they dress.

Throughout the book, it fells like most women do not have general control over their lives. Chiyo and Satsu, her elder sister are sold by their father to Mr. Tanaka. Who in turn sells Chiyo to an Okiya and Satsu to a brothel. When Sayuri becomes an apprentice geisha, she does not choose to lose her virginity. Instead, men bid to sleep with her in a ceremony known as mizuage.

There are only two instances when self determination come out clearly. Satsu devices a plan and is successful in running away from the brothel. She gets a chance to elope with a boy. Sayuri, on the other hand manages to repulse a willing patron by sleeping with another man. That action helps her to be free to pursue the man she truly loved, Chairman Ken Iwamura .

Final thoughts

The book, Memoirs of a Geisha is a great read that has very rich language. It is an easy book to follow. The best part is where the author, Arthur Golden presents serious issues such as pedophilia using euphemism. Issues such as sex and masturbation are also explained using euphemism too. I guess it follows the Japanese culture not to call a spade a spade.

If you want to experience another culture, this is the book you should start with. Grab a copy here.

Bonus: My favorite quote

I don’t think any of us can frankly speak about pain until we are no longer enduring it.

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden Page 488